Please note: This list is not exhaustive, and none of the clients listed below has been compensated in any way for their endorsement

"I have been playing on mouthpieces made by Ramón Wodkowski for a few years now. He has the unique expertise that only a fine player can have. His ability to produce consistently high quality mouthpieces and to match them to my requirements is quite remarkable. He can make mouthpieces to suit almost all tastes and his judgement and advice are invaluable."

Richard Hosford | Principal Clarinet, BBC Symphony Orchestra and Nash Ensemble

"This is the best mouthpiece I have ever played on. It sounds great in all dynamics and registers and the articulation is very easy to control. I can change the sound colour to blend beautifully with other instruments. The tone projects well, even when I play quietly in the lower register, and it never becomes harsh when I play loud. It's the perfect mouthpiece for me. Thanks Ramón!"

Robert Pickup | Principal Clarinettist, Zurich Opera House Orchestra

"Ramón is a mouthpiece craftsman of the highest order. There are very few in the field today that have his knowledge and expertise. Ramón is not only a craftsman, but truly a mouthpiece artist. His work is beautiful and exemplary in every way. The work that Ramón has done on my vintage pieces, in particular, has far surpassed my expectations. He has given new life to mouthpieces that I thought were hopeless and taken good mouthpieces and made them magical. I cannot recommend Ramón's work with more enthusiasm!"

Chad Burrow | Professor of Clarinet, University of Michigan

"Ramón Wodkowski is a consummate artist. His mouthpieces, expertise and craftsmanship are unparalleled. He is the answer to every clarinetist's dreams."

Michele Zukovsky | Principal Clarinet, Los Angeles Philharmonic - Professor of Clarinet, University of Southern California

"The new RW mouthpiece has the very best combination of even response, sound quality, and intonation of any mouthpiece I have ever played. I look forward to more mouthpieces just like this to be available soon!"

David Shifrin | International Soloist and Recording Artist & Professor of clarinet at Yale University School of Music

" I feel very privileged to have worked with Ramon along with my colleagues from the Houston Symphony. His ability to accommodate our specific needs with three very different styles of mouthpieces (Kanter, Kaspar and Chedeville) left us in awe!"

Sasha Potiomkin | Houston Symphony

"I have had a number of mouthpieces worked on by Ramón over the last year, and have been impressed by his knowledge of the subject, quality of work, attention to detail and understanding of my particular requirements. His own excellent playing helps to back up this expertise, and his charges are quite reasonable. Altogether I feel there are few people able to offer the clarinettist such good service in this specialised area."

Tony Lamb | Retired Principal Clarinet, English National Opera Orchestra

"Ramón Wodkowski is definitely the finest MP craftsmen I've worked with in many years. He understands the history and evolution of the clarinet mouthpiece and uses his talent and knowledge to provide the finest craftmanship for the present day clarinetist. Ramón is wonderful to work with and each client receives his best efforts. He is patient and will take the time to make the mouthpiece that is just right for you. His own models are everything a clarinetist needs: great response, beautiful tone, intonation etc. After working with Ramón and using his mouthpieces for a number of years, I highly recommend anyone to contact him and try his work."

Michael Kornacki | Grand Rapids Symphony