Ramón refurbishes and customizes existing mouthpieces for clients. This service includes refacing, chamber adjustment and bore reaming, as needed.

He is highly experienced and knowledgeable about mouthpieces of virtually every make and model of the last century, and is committed to preserving the original character of every mouthpiece he works on. These mouthpieces include:

- Kaspar (Chicago, Cicero, Ann Arbor)

- Vintage French Design (Chedeville - Henri / Charles, Lelandais, Goldbeck, Bettoney, Meliphone, Selmer, Robert, Penzel Mueller, Bonade, Malerne, Buffet, etc)

- Vandoren

- Zinner based models (Viotto, Smith, Grabner, Fobes, Lomax, Backun, Hawkins, etc)

- Other custom designs (Pyne, Kanter, Gennusa, Hite, Langenus, Portnoy, Wurlitzer, Borbeck, Sayre, Pillinger, Eaton, Nagamatsu, Jenney, etc)

Ramón works on Bb, Eb, bass clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces and also German, Austrian, Reform Boehm and simple system mouthpieces.

He sees customers in London by appointment and accepts mail order requests worldwide.

For further details and pricing, please contact Ramón directly.

To read more about Ramon's work, please visit his online blog.