Client Testimonials

“Ramón Wodkowski has an understanding of clarinet mouthpieces like no one else. His ability to take an old mouthpiece from unplayable-back to highly functioning makes him such an amazing asset to maintaining an advanced player’s equipment standards. Additionally he is making his own contemporary mouthpieces that have that special sound, a nice core with a halo around it.”

Mark Nuccio
Principal Clarinet, Houston Symphony

“Ramón Wodkowski is a true mouthpiece making artist. His mouthpieces have a rich, creamy, focused quality that’s truly hard to beat. He’s an excellent listener in understanding exactly what your personal needs are in a mouthpiece and I highly recommend you try them, if you haven’t already. I’ve been playing them for years and have been extremely happy with the results.”

Sheryl Renk
Principal Clarinetist, San Diego Symphony

“I feel very fortunate to work so closely with Ramón for over a decade now. His skill, knowledge and incredible ear are a true gift to all clarinetists who are striving to achieve nothing but their best ability.
Coming to a concert knowing you can take as much risk as you want and the set up adjusted by Ramón will be there for you with the response and nuances is something I wish for every clarinetist to experience.
I love his new Bb models which took a long time to perfect and looking forward to him developing a much needed great bass mouthpiece model in the near future.
Thank you, Ramón!”

Sasha Potiomkin
Bass clarinetist/clarinetist
Houston Symphony

“I have been playing on Ramón’s mouthpieces for a number of years now and have been very pleased. This past round of changes where he has found a new source of blanks has proven to be the best yet. I am playing on one of his B1 model now and bought 3 of them! The best I can say is that it has been so much more fun to practice and play these days. I am grateful to Ramon for making this possible for me! What else is more important?”

Steve Cohen
Professor of Clarinet, Northwestern University Beinen School of Music

“Since I had the opportunity to play Ramón’s Mouthpieces I felt and understood the meaning of vibration, comfort, overtones and projection.
We had a great time when Ramón visited Mexico City a few years ago. Working together we could find a way to get an idea of what we need in this altitude for a great mouthpiece. After that I feel honored playing this marvelous gems! Nowadays the easy response and comfort playing these new models allows me to express myself in every solo for the opera and ballet repertoire!
Ramón is a gifted craftsman and I highly recommend these mouthpieces!”

Jahaziel Becerril Marin
Principal clarinet – Orquesta del Teatro de Bellas Artes
Mexico City Opera

“I have had the pleasure of playing on original and refaced bass and B flat mouthpieces by Ramón Wodkowski since 2015. His craftmanship is absolutely first rate, and his attention to detail and steadfast desire to make the artist shine through his work is remarkable. His experience as a professional clarinetist and his vast knowledge of the playing tendencies of historical figures informs his work in a unique and passionate way. Ramon’s mouthpieces allow me to sound great as well as encourage healthy embouchure habits. He is the best and I recommended his mouthpieces to everyone who strives for outstanding clarinet playing.”

Osiris J. (Ozzy) Molina
Woodwind Area Chair, Professor of Clarinet,
The University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra, Huntsville Symphony Orchestra
Cavell Trio/Vuorovesi Trio/Capstone Quintet

“I’ve been using mouthpieces worked on by Ramón for more than fifteen years. Initially, Ramón was refurbishing various vintage mouthpieces for me, and I truly believe that the outstanding quality of his work was a major contributing factor to my development and success as a clarinettist in London. Ramon’s expertise in the art of mouthpiece crafting, and his knowledge of various different playing styles, means that he understands exactly what each individual player is looking for in a mouthpiece. I switched to his own models around 2016, and have used them with great success ever since. The mouthpieces Ramón is currently producing, made from solid ebonite, are in a league of their own – in my opinion, there is nothing else out there on the market which is comparable. I can highly recommend Wodkowski mouthpieces to any clarinettist interested in a mouthpiece which has easy response, effortless projection, loads of flexibility and a beautiful colourful tone.”

Jonathan Parkin
Sub-Principal Clarinet, BBC Symphony Orchestra

“I’ve played Ramón’s mouthpieces since meeting him in Stockholm seven years ago.
His mouthpieces, made with exceptional craftsmanship, has given my playing a new dimension through effortless articulation, a free sound that carries far and almost limitless dynamic possibilities, all perfect for orchestral and chamber music playing. I play the “Scandinavian no 4” model and look forward to many years of collaboration with Ramón.”

Niklas Andersson, Principal Clarinet,
Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra.

“I have been playing on Ramón’s Mouthpieces for about 9 years now, and find them to be extremely responsive with a perfect blend of solid “core” and great overtone harmonics. They project very well in the orchestral setting, as well as having the flexibility to create the most subtle nuances in an intimate chamber music settings”

Guy Yehuda
Professor of Clarinet, Michigan State University

“To be honest, I was skeptical that I would like this new line much more than what Ramón had done previously. What got me was the characteristic response I’d come to expect, coupled with this incredible hold and solidity to the sound. This is my most projecting mouthpiece now, but I feel as if I can be as flexible as I want. It’s been a revelation in orchestra, band, chamber music — wherever I use it.”

Daniel Frazelle
United States Navy Band, Washington D.C.

“I have played Ramón Wodkowski’s mouthpieces for the past 10 years. Even given my previous experience with Ramón’s craft, the new model’s tonal depth and focus, projection, ease of response, and consistent intonation exceeded my high expectations! This mouthpiece wants to make a phrase. I strongly recommend Ramón for his original mouthpieces as well as his work restoring my vintage mouthpieces.”

David Cook
Assistant Professor of Clarinet, Millikin University
Principal Clarinet, Millikin-Decatur Symphony Orchestra

“Ramón’s unique interpretation of the best qualities of a vintage mouthpiece is superb. His new line of mouthpieces has a beautiful tonal bouquet that is both subtle and powerful, suitable for a modern clarinetist who needs to perform in solo, chamber or orchestra setting. I highly recommend them.”

Dr. Kornel Wolak
Assistant Professor, Clarinet
Dan School of Drama and Music, Queen’s University