Wodkowski Mouthpieces

Mouthpiece Catalogue

The newest series of Wodkowski mouthpieces are now available. These have been developed using modern technology as an aid – CT scanning, CAD drafting, CNC machining from rod rubber and hand finishing. The results are the most consistent, finely tuned Wodkowski models to date, 100% designed, tested and edited by me. I am very pleased with these new pieces and am certain that between them, one will work for most everyone. I hope in the next year to expand into medium and open facing mouthpieces, also bass and eb.

This new series has been more than a year in the making, using customers from my broad clientele as testers. This has enabled me to fine tune and refine each design.

The result is three designs, available in a close, traditional facing and chamber configurations. Medium and custom facings available on request.

For those who are interested in my other more open facing models from the previous catalogue, a select few are still available while my stock of materials remain.

Please contact us for prices and ordering information through the contact page.

Newest Series


Specs: Close facing, medium length with slightly A framed sidewalls.

Description: N2 is the all round best seller. Possesses a concentrated, dense sound, with plenty of flexibility, and projects to the very back of the hall with ease. Ideal for all settings, large orchestra to chamber music.


Specs: Close facing, medium length with narrow, parallel side walls.

Description: N1 possesses a mix of his siblings’ qualities. His larger bore taper makes him very flexible and friendly, without any tuning issues. Perfect for chamber music, but also well suited to large ensemble. Many who are coming from wider tip opening mouthpieces choose N1.


Specs: Close facing, medium length, narrow side walls with slight A frame.

Description: B1 is the oldest sibling, and most straight forward in tone. Lots of clarity and uppers in the sound. For those who like a more pointed sound, with lots of carrying power. Many players coming from my Philadelphia model choose B1.

Other Models

Midwest Series

Inspired by the mouthpieces made in the American Midwest in the 1940s – 60s.




Medium facing, medium length – large chamber blank – approx 1.13mm tip. Nearest comparison for reference – Kaspar Cicero/Chicago, Vandoren BD5, M30.


Medium facing, longer length – large chamber blank – approx 1.13mm tip. Nearest comparison for reference – Kaspar Cicero/Chicago 13/14+, M30, BD5

European Series

Inspired by the mouthpieces preferred by many of my European clients – now catching on in America.




Open facing, medium length – large chamber – approx 1.25mm tip. My personal facing, offering maximum flexibility and tonal colours, while retaining focus and stability. Nearest comparison for reference – BD5, B40, vintage Kanter, Play Nick.


Open facing, long length – approx 1.28mm tip. Made for the players of Scandinavia, who prefer an open mouthpiece with maximum warmth and colour. Nearest comparison for reference – B40, vintage Kanter, Play Nick.

Pre-Owned & Vintage Mouthpeices

Ramón offers a variety of pre-owned mouthpieces that he has refurbished including Bb, Eb and Bass. He can also source particular mouthpieces on request, including rare vintage and antique pieces.

His regular stock includes:

Kaspar (Chicago, Cicero, Ann Arbor), Chedeville (Henri, Charles, Meliphone, etc), Kanter, Pyne, Boosey & Hawkes, Portnoy, Vandoren, Nagamatsu, O’Brien, etc.

Please click here to contact Ramón for current stock and availability.

Saxophone Mouthpeices

As a professional saxophonist, Ramón has performed in a wide variety of contexts, ranging from dance band to large scale symphony orchestra. In London, he has performed with ensembles including the BBC Symphony Orchestra (including radio broadcasts) and the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.

Ramón has devoted years of study into saxophone mouthpiece crafting, and now offers his services for all mouthpieces of the saxophone family – classical, jazz – metal, ebonite, wood, etc.